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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ian visits Will in his 'hood

S.F. playground and pizza and fun with the Siwinski boys.

The Cat Store

Ian: "Where's Beckett, Mom?"
Mom (seeing that this could be a very long year): "He's in heaven, love."
Ian: "But I miss hiiiim. I want him right heeeeere."
Mom: "I miss him, too."
Ian: "I have an idea! (passing the pet store on Cedar) I can go to the cat store and get another cat! We can take Scully and get another cat, right?"
Mom: " want to trade Scully in for another cat?"
Ian: "Yeah! I want a parrot!"
Mom: "That would be funny if your dad came home to a new cat and a new parrot, huh?"
Ian: "Yeah, that would be funny."

We take Tia and Dede to lunch

and Tia takes some pics.

looking like a big kid at the library

I love how excited he is to go to the library.

Dede and Ian

Ian climbed in for a cuddle.

"When 'm a big boy, I can go to Argentina, right?"

Gaga's sister Tia Emy comes for a visit from Argentina

Happiness is a Pixar movie

"I missed you, Dad."

Friday, March 13, 2009

cats don't take baths

Ian: "I miss Beckett."
Me: "I know. So do we."
Ian: "Where is heeee?"
Me: "He's in heaven with Monk."
Ian: "But I miss hiiiim. What are they doooing?"
Me: "They're running and jumping and playing."
Ian: (pauses, laughs) "Oh. But cats don't take baths."

more pics from Liam's

Thinking of having a Gymboree party for Ian's THIRD, yes, third birthday. You need to come out for that, Nana!

two monkeys, a shark and a frog bake some oatmeal cookies

I had to stop Edie from eating flour out of the bag and Ian from eating all the raw cookie dough, but they came out pretty good!

Ian and Ally

Ally didn't mind going fast!

Last Friday with the mom's group

we saw so many of our friends at the park. it was great. we even brought some cupcakes to share, which was great, but Ian couldn't stop eating them and had more cupcakes than lunch that day.