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Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Eva and Elsa's this, Sarah.

Fun with Ian
Ian came to play for the day on Tuesday and boy did we have fun! All 3 kids spent about 30 minutes running around the house dressed up like princesses and superman and then I said...geez we need to take a walk so Elsa, Cinderella and Superman were gathered up and we headed out for a stroll around the neighborhood. After our walk we made homemade playdough and had lunch. Elsa was very tired and went down for her nap post lunch while Eva and Ian watched Cinderella. Towards the end of the movie Ian said to Eva, "I love you Eva, do you love me?" Eva said, "Love you!" So cute!!! After the movie we headed out for some fun in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day and they played in the sandbox, drew with chalk and looked for fairies. When Elsa woke up they all changed and decided that being naked would be the best way to run through the sprinkler! So we had some naked sprinkler running for about 45 minutes! They were so so so very happy to run through and get soaking wet and then flop down on their towels to warm up in the sunshine only to run right back through the sprinkler and get soaking wet again! be three! What a blast they had!

in the garden of eden

Eva and Ian

Friday, August 07, 2009

end of the old

Santiago's 2nd Birthday party (2007)

more oldies

Live Oak Park, 2007.

even more old pix

Sunol Christmas Train and Tilden Christmas Fantasy, Christmastime (!) 2007.

more old pix

Live Oak Park, 2007, fall?

cleaning out the old phone

Finally ditching my phone gave me reason to finally deal with getting photos off it; these are random pictures from the past two years, taken when other cameras weren't around. These are from the park outside the de Young in SF, and the Japanese Tea Garden, late summer/fall 2007.